S&S DIESEL (CARB LEGAL) 2011-2016 LML CP3 Conversion Kit



S&S DIESEL (C.A.R.B.) 2011-2016 LML CP3 Conversion Kit with Sportsman Pump


This pump will take the place of your factory CP4 pump and convert it to a much more reliable CP3 pump.


-SPORTSMAN CP3 Pump Capable of up to 650HP

-Bolt on application

-Fully 50 state smog legal replacement


-Able to be tuned/modified if desired

Why convert your LML’s Fuel System from a CP4 to a CP3

  • The stock CP4 is only capable of supporting up to ~500rwhp. A Sportsman is capable of supporting 600+ rwhp in conjunction with the piezoelectric injectors.
  • The CP4 was introduced as a cost reduction to the LML platform since a smaller amount of fuel is required when running the more efficient piezoelectric injectors. Since its introduction, the CP4 has proven to be less reliable and less capable than the CP3 used in previous Duramax platforms.

Installation Instructions

LML CP3 Conversion Fuel Pressure Regulator Table

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