PROTOW 476 SX-E 2003-2007 CUMMINS



This is our latest and greatest S400 T6 based turbo for compound kits and will be the ultimate for daily driving and towing performance, with an 850hp potential. Using the latest Borg Warner SX-E technology the all new 10-blade high flow SX-E compressor wheel in 76mm flows over 121lbs/min (more than the current 80mm FMW). The SX-E center section also recieves a 360-degree thrust bearing for added durability under load and higher boost levels.

To better match the usable RPM range while towing and daily driving, we’ve installed the 1.15 a/r exhaust housing, which allows more airflow at a lower RPM for incredible spool-up and EGT control. (1.32 a/r available as an option)

Compared to an 80mm FMW compressor wheel (335-grams), this 76mm SX-E (250-grams) is 85 grams lighter. It also has a smaller exducer (100mm vs. 109mm) than the 80mm FMW compressor, so it’s lighter rotating mass will equate to better spool-up, all while flowing the same or more air throughout the entire RPM range.

Our new ProTow 476 SX-E will be the absolute best performing low pressure turbo in your compound kit for daily driving and towing for up to 850hp setups. Pair with your stock turbocharger, one of our modified ProMax or ProRam upgrades, or even a small S300. You’ll be ready to toss that EGT gauge in the garbage once you realize 1300+ degree EGT’s are a thing of the past…

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