ProRam 64 FMW STAGE 2 2007.5-2012 6.7L




ProRam 64 STAGE 2 2007.5-2012 6.7L

-63.5mm FMW Upgrade Compressor for Better Flow and EGT Control
-10 Blade Turbine Wheel for Better Back Pressure Control
-Remanufactured from Core Turbochargers, actuators tested and calibrated with Holset E-Tool
-Will support up to 650HP
-Great Drop-in Replacement for mild fueling upgrades

$400.00 Core Charge

7-blade Forged Mill Wheels (FMW) Available Now!
ProRam Upgrades
Our popular ProMax and ProRam line-up of modified stock turbochargers are getting an upgrade! After extensive testing on the bench, the street and on the dyno, we are happy to announce we are upgrading to a true performer with an all-new 63.5mm 7-blade Forged Mill Wheel. This wheel design offers better durability than standard billet wheels, along with a broader power and torque curve to make your daily driving and towing tasks even easier.

Forged Mill Wheels offer better strength than standard billet wheels
7-blade design for broader, flatter power/torque curve
Better spool-up and response for better smoke control
Cooler EGT’s throughout the RPM range
Available Compressor Flow Map, does the competitions wheel offer that?
Proven performance for your daily driver

To go along with this all new FMW compressor wheel, our ProMax and ProRam turbochargers also offer high flow 10-blade turbine wheels to reduce exhaust back pressure and EGT’s under load without affecting drivability. With 360-degree thrust bearings standard and a full one-year warranty, your truck will never be so happy to make boost again

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