KC Turbos 6.0 Powerstroke Stage 1.5 Turbo KC-6-0-STAGE1-5-TURBO-03-NEW-POLISHED


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This is an awesome turbo for those looking to upgrade their stock truck and are looking for a little more power than stock, but still want to tow with ease, amazing drive ability, and quick spooling. This turbo will not whistle like the powermax/2003 turbos. SPECS: 63.5x88mm single plane billet wheel with extended tips, .72ar race compressor cover, 72.5×66 13 blade turbine wheel, new high flowing billet vanes, stainless steel unison ring, and upgraded 360 thrust bearing. 100% drop in (no modifications required)

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2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007