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15-’19 VGT charger for 6.7 Powerstrokes. This is an aggressive 66mm Billet compressor wheel charger with a 360-degree steel thrust bearing assembly and a machined to match compressor housing. This is a fully assembled charger including the pedestal, water feed line, turbo base gasket, and hardware kit. The assembly will not be sold without the pedestal, wate line, and hardware.

The Streetmax X is perfect for trucks that tow or are daily driven. Whether you have a stock fuel system or have added fuel, this charger will perform. This charger is capable of over 650 RWHP with supporting mods and proper tuning.

​$500 core charge will be applied. The core charge will be refundable as long as it is a usable (non-damaged) 2015 turbocharger and is sent back within 30 days. You may also elect to send your core in without paying the core charge and the product will ship once your core is received.



MPD is proud to offer an affordable turbo kit to 6.7 customers that are looking for supreme street manners, low EGT’s, and awesome power! This is not a “cheap replacement”, but rather a comprehensive drop in turbo system that will do away with the troublesome, weak factory VGT turbo. We have Completely redesigned this kit from the pedestal up to work with Borg Warners new line of SXE Turbochargers, which offer massive gains over their basic line of turbos, as well as a large array of sizing options, to perfectly suit any power level/driving conditions. This System Retains the factory Manifolds/Plenum to maintain a very Sleek OEM look.



H&S Motorsports is proud to introduce the Single Turbo Kit for the 2011 – 2016 6.7L Power Stroke diesel. This kit is designed to replace the factory turbocharger, exhaust manifolds, intake piping, and charged air piping with H&S Motorsports quality parts.


H&S Motorsports’ turbochargers are built specifically for your application with help from the professionals at Bell Turbo. The high flow compressor wheel (64mm billet inducer) is capable of providing up to 650 WHP (more with nitrous or other injectables). The efficiency of this turbocharger also shows when it comes to exhaust gas temperatures. During our testing we experienced an average of a 200 degree drop in peak exhaust gas temperatures when compared to the factory turbocharger setup. More power with less heat, you can’t beat that! All turbocharger parts are designed, manufactured, and assembled here in the USA.

-Spool or Sport?

There are two turbine housing options when purchasing this item, Spool and Sport. Both options are engineered to be as efficient and drive-able as possible, but there are some minor differences between the two. The Spool housing is slightly smaller than the Sport and thus causes a higher exhaust gas velocity prior to coming in contact with the turbine wheel. This extra velocity will cause the Spool turbo to reach an optimal operating RPM faster than the Sport turbo. Because of the smaller housing, the Spool housing will also generate more exhaust back pressure than the Sport housing. On a maximum effort tune (650 WHP), our data has shown 10-15 PSI more back pressure from the Spool housing. Keep in mind that both housing options are very functional and you really can’t go wrong with either decision. Essentially, your choice can come down to answering the following questions:

Does your vehicle spend much of its time at a high altitude (above 3,000 feet)? Do you tow heavy loads with your vehicle? Are you going to run an external wastegate to relieve excess exhaust back pressure? If you have answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, we recommend the Spool housing option.

Are you going to run nitrous or any other injectables? Will your vehicle be used for competition use only (sled pulling, drag racing, etc)? If you answered “yes” to any of the previous questions, we recommend the Sport housing option.


All HSM piping is fabricated out of high quality steel and tig welded with amazing precision. We take pride in knowing that the fit and finish of every pipe will be at OEM quality or better. Piping is available in raw form (to be coated by you in the color/style of your choice), or you can pick to have it coated in a classy textured black finish as pictured above. Bungs are welded into place in convenient locations for connecting your water injection, nitrous, or any other 1/8″ NPT accessory. Plugs are included if you choose to not use any of the supplied bungs. A two piece downpipe is included and will mate to most aftermarket exhaust systems using a ball flange just like the OEM downpipe. All piping is crafted here in the USA.

-Cast Parts

You will be receiving 3 custom cast pieces with your HSM turbo kit (2 exhaust manifolds and 1 turbo pedestal). These parts were engineered and produced here in the USA using the best possible materials to ensure they will withstand the most extreme temperatures and pressures. Provisions in the exhaust manifolds for exhaust gas temperature sensors (factory sensor or 1/8″ npt) are provided, as well as a location to install the OEM exhaust back pressure sensor. A wastegate port is also machined into the driver’s side manifold and a block-off plate is included should you choose not to use this feature.

-Wastegate Provision

The HSM driver’s side exhaust manifold is machined to accept a wastegate. You may utilize our Universal 40MM Wastegate, but some fabrication may be required. We recommend cutting a hole into the downpipe and building a pipe to connect the wastegate outlet directly into the downpipe. You can also let the wastegate dump to atmosphere if you don’t have any means of welding/fabricating.

-Air Intake

No air filter provision is included in this kit. This product is engineered to fit with the OEM or S&B air intake box. If you are running something other than that, adjustments may be necessary to ensure correct fitment. Piping, rubber couplings, and hose clamps are included to route the OEM or S&B intake to the HSM turbocharger. The 4″ air intake piping is designed to clear a dual high pressure fuel system, should you have one installed on your vehicle.


Power output of your vehicle depends on many factors. To make power in a diesel truck you need to deliver fuel and air. This H&S Motorsports turbo kit will supply enough air to produce a peak power of around 650 WHP and 1300 lb*ft of torque. Kepp in mind that you must also have the fueling and electronics to command that power level. If you are running the OEM fuel system, you will be limited to around 500 WHP and 1000 lb*ft of torque. With the addition of an H&S Dual High Pressure Fuel Kit and proper ECM tuning, you will be capable of reaching the full potential of this turbocharger system. Dyno graphs are provide below to give examples of power output depending on fueling modifications.

H&S Motorsports provides tuning options for H&S Performance devices. Please check our available calibrations HERE.. Follow the instructions there to load custom calibrations to your vehicle.



The Midwest Diesel Retrofit Kit fits the ’11-’14 6.7 Powerstroke with the updated ’15-’17 style turbocharger. We assemble this kit to be optimized with extra aftermarket components such as a full 4″ Stainless Steel downpipe, plug for the passenger up pipe EGT port, and extra hardware to replace fasteners that are prone to breaking during disassembly. Everything that you need to install the ’15-’17 style charger in your truck is included in this kit. This is the perfect option for the person who does not want to shop for missing parts when swapping their turbo.



The stainless steel intake piping kit comes with intake Y pipe, cold side pipe, boots, stainless steel clamps, and stainless steel hardware.

The turbo intake adapter fits any ’15-’17 style turbo charger or 4″ inlet S300/S400 to any round style cold air intake.
The turbo hot pipe is used for all ’11-’16 trucks

All stainless steel construction for superior strength, looks and durability. Complete kits come with everything needed to intake on 2015 truck or a 6.7 with 2015 turbo kit. This intake is designed to work with performance intakes and will only allow use of a “round” style adapter (e.g. No-Limit Fabrication, K&N, etc.)(S&B will work with alteration). This kit will NOT work with intakes such as Banks, AFE, etc.



This is our in house built Intercooler Piping kit, Tailor Made to work with either one of our MPD turbo kits, or any stock or “stock style drop in” 2015 turbocharger Kits. It has a High Flowing Billet “y” pipe feeding the intake manifolds, Stainless hot & Cold Side Piping, and includes a high flowing intake! It comes in raw finish, But we can also have it powder coated the finish of your choice!


The No Limit 5″ intake is by far the most aggressive intake for the 6.7 Power Stroke on the market. Utilizing the custom AFE 5.5×9 AFE filter, you will not find a bigger, free flowing intake on the market. Handmade in America.


This new 6.7 Power Stroke Intercooler will add throttle response, drop egt’s, decrease spool-up time, and add low end power and torque. This intercooler will make the driving experience better! With limited testing by an independent source, this intercooler has shown cruising and peak egt drop of 50-100* and substantial change in driving characterisitics .



– A Low Pressure Fuel System is present on a diesel truck to supply the High Pressure Fuel System with an ample amount of clean, water-free fuel. The factory 6.7L Low Pressure System is designed to provide a relatively high pressure (50psi) for a low pressure fuel supply system. Because of the somewhat high pressure demands, the volume flow capabilities of the OEM pump suffer and supply pressure can fall below the desired 50+ psi when fueling demands are increased above stock levels, especially in the case of dual high pressure pump configurations.

How does H&S Motorsports fix this?

– The HSM low pressure fuel system is a regulated return design that allows the fuel pressure to be infinitely adjustable from 20-100psi. On the 6.7L Power Stroke, a 50 psi pressure switch monitors the pressure supplied by the low pressure fuel system and will trigger once pressure falls below that threshold. So HSM recommends setting your system between 55 and 65psi. The HSM system replaces the complete factory system with exception of the fuel lines. No cutting or splicing of fuel lines will be necessary, as this kit is designed to be as “plug and play” as possible. An amazingly quiet and efficient 200 gallon per hour pump (backed by a 2 year warranty) does the brunt of the work while directing fuel through two spin-on filters with a micron rating at or above OEM standards. Two billet fuel filter housings are included to adapt your OEM fuel lines to these new aftermarket filters.

-The HSM Low Pressure Fuel System bolts into the factory location, so no drilling into the frame is necessary. This product is designed to work in conjunction with the OEM CP4 fuel pump, or a dual pump high pressure delivery system. Minor plumbing routing changes is all that will be necessary to run with a dual pump system.



  • This product will NOT work with trucks that have dual alternators. H&S Motorsports CP3 pump is mounted where a dual alternator would be located.
  • This product may not work with the EGR cooler installed. It may need to be removed.
  • This product MUST be used in conjunction with custom tuning calibrations. Failure to install the correct calibrations can result in engine damage.
  • HSM recommends running an upgraded Low Pressure Fuel System when running this item.
  • Note: If you have a factory dual sided Serpentine belt you must re-use. If the Serpentine belt is single sided it must be replaced with the new supplied belt.


H&S Motorsports is pleased to introduce the Dual High Pressure Fuel Kit for the 2011-2016 6.7L Ford Powerstroke. This kit has been in development since June 2012 and is finally available to the public after over 12 months of testing and refinement. The diesel industry has been longing for this modification ever since the release of the 6.7L Powerstroke and now the wait is over.

Our friends over at H&S Performance have been testing this kit on their 2011 F250 for over 4 years. This is the same truck that made 881 horsepower and 1669 ft/lb of torque on a Mustang 1100SE dyno during the “Breaking Point” live feed in which they intentionally set out to find the limits (or breaking point) of the factory 6.7L Powerstroke bottom end. Prior to the “Breaking Point” event, the truck was driven regularly by not only the engineers at H&S Performance, but also the members of the race team. Needless to say, they were (and still are) impressed with the ability of the kit to maintain rail pressure, even in the most demanding conditions.

If you are looking for the ultimate in high pressure fuel supply, look no further than the H&S Motorsports Dual High Pressure Fuel system.

-So what’s wrong with the factory CP4 fuel system?

Nothing is necessarily WRONG with it, but the factory CP4 fuel pump by itself is only capable of providing enough fuel to safely produce around a maximum of 480-500 horsepower. Once your power goals exceed that 480-500 HP range, more fuel is an absolute requirement. Assuming your factory CP4 pump is in good condition, this kit is easily capable of producing 900+ HP worth of high pressure fuel supply.

-Will the CP3 pump ever wear out or deteriorate over time?

The CP3 pump we include with the kit is a brand new OEM unit from Bosch. That’s right, BRAND NEW, not a remanufactured unit like many shops sell. The key to ensuring the longevity of any high pressure fuel pump is by providing the high pressure fuel system with clean, waterless diesel fuel. Any fuel contamination that reaches the high pressure fuel system can be detrimental to reliability and performance. We highly recommend using our Low Pressure Fuel System or similar lift pump for proper filtration and water-separation.

-Why do we use a CP3 in instead of a CP4?

There are a few reasons we chose the CP3 over the CP4:

  1. The CP3 pump has been proven to be reliable. This pump technology has been used on the Cummins and Duramax platform for years.
  2. While the CP4 has the capability of delivering higher pressures, it lacks the volume of the CP3. With both pumps installed, you get the best of both worlds – high pressure and high volume.
  3. Price. With the CP4 being a newer pump, it is obviously more expensive. By saving on the pumps included with the kit, we can pass that savings directly on to the customer.
  4. If your fueling demands exceed what the stock CP3 and CP4 are capable of providing, one of our 6.7L Cummins 10MM Stroker pumps can easily be used as a replacement while still being able to re-use all fittings and lines included with the kit.



S&S 6.7 Powerstroke 30% – 45% – 100%  Injectors with SAC Nozzle





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