Banks Power L5P Performance Package


Derringer Tuner with IDash
Monster Exhaust System 5-inch Single Exit Black Tip
Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake System with Dry Filter



Whats included?

  • Derringer Tuner with IDash (Banks PN: 66692)
  • Monster Exhaust System 5-inch Single Exit Black Tip (Banks PN: 48996-B)
  • Ram-Air Cold-Air Intake System with Dry Filter (Banks PN: 42249-D)

The Derringer Tuner has a wide range of features:

  • Simple plug and play installation with easy removal for dealer service
  • Warranty friendly: no reflash required and no traces left in ECU
  • Adds up to 61 hp and 112 lb-ft
  • Loaded with Features
  • Value Priced
  • Destroys the competition, not your vehicle!
  • ActiveSafety protects engine/powertrain
  • 6 power levels with on the fly level changing
  • Interfaces with OBDII Port (On-Board Diagnostics/Information) to communicate directly with the vehicle ECU
  • Log up to 20 min/max values
  • Enclosed in a compact housing which is easily concealed
  • LED Derringer status indicator
  • Works while in cruise control
  • Optimized Derringer layout to view vital data
  • Regen status displayed over power level when Regen is active
  • Power added bar graph shows Derringer power being added
  • On-screen Derringer Status Indicator
  • Corrects MAP and FRP parameter to accurate readings
  • Update Derringer software and calibration through iDash 1.8 using microSD card

What are the perks of the Monster Exhaust System?

  • Virtually eliminates backpressure after the DPF
  • 15% reduction in exhaust temperature 2″ behind the tip during regen
  • 85% less backpressure than stock
  • Huge patented 6.5″ x 7.5″ ob-round slash-cut exhaust tip
  • High-temp matte black painted stainless steel tip

What are the perks of the Ram-Air Cold Air intake?

  • Adds an additional 20 hp
  • Gain a total of 81 hp when combined with the Derringer L5P inline tuner
  • New over-sized filter element, largest in its class, protects engine and outflows competition.
  • Enclosed housing keeps out hot, power-robbing engine air
  • Decreases frequency between regens
  • Helps engine run cooler
  • Extends service life and requires fewer cleanings
  • 5-year Limited Warranty (filter: Lifetime Limited Warranty)
  • Beats stock and the competition
  • Less restrictive than stock
  • DRY Air Filter Element